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Onboarding Process

Are you ready to outsource your monthly bookkeeping? Xpress Bookkeepers values making this process less painful and more efficient. Good communication, accuracy, and timeliness is key! Here is a basic outline of what to expect when you work with us. Be sure to check out our services to find out what package is right for you. If you have any questions please contact us!

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Introduction and Consultation: a. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your business needs, goals, and challenges. b. Introduce our bookkeeping services and explain how we can support your financial management.

  2. Agreement and Onboarding: a. Review and sign our service agreement, which outlines the scope of services, pricing, and terms. b. Provide necessary business information, such as legal entity name, contact details, and billing address.

  3. QuickBooks Online Setup: a. If you don't have a QuickBooks Online account, we will guide you through the signup process. b. Help you select the appropriate QuickBooks Online subscription plan based on your business requirements. c. Assist in setting up your company profile, including industry, fiscal year, and tax information.

  4. Data Transfer and Integration: a. Provide access to your existing financial records, including bank statements, invoices, and receipts. b. Safely transfer your data to our secure systems using agreed-upon methods. c. Integrate any relevant third-party systems or software with QuickBooks Online.

  5. Chart of Accounts and Customization: a. Collaboratively review and customize the chart of accounts to align with your business structure and needs. b. Set up categories for income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equity based on your specific operations.

  6. Bank and Credit Card Connections: a. Assist you in connecting your bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks Online. b. Ensure the integration is authorized for seamless synchronization of transactions and bank feeds.

  7. Ongoing Data Entry and Reconciliation: a. Regularly enter your financial transactions into QuickBooks Online to maintain accurate records. b. Perform bank and credit card reconciliations to ensure consistency with actual statements.

  8. Financial Reporting: a. Generate and provide regular financial reports, such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. b. Customize reports to provide relevant insights into your business's financial performance and health.

  9. Communication and Support: a. Maintain open communication channels for regular updates, questions, and concerns. b. Provide ongoing support and guidance, addressing any bookkeeping-related inquiries or issues promptly.

  10. Periodic Reviews and Adjustments: a. Conduct periodic reviews of our bookkeeping services to ensure they meet your evolving needs. b. Collaborate on any necessary adjustments or enhancements to optimize the service for your business.

We are committed to providing exceptional bookkeeping services and ensuring your financial records are accurate, organized, and up-to-date. Throughout the process, we will work closely with you, delivering personalized support and insights to help you make informed financial decisions.